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Amorim & Ferreira, Cork

Transforming Industry and Cork Trading

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Transforming Industry and Cork Trading

Products: Purchase and sale of cork, production of natural cork stoppers, cork production discs and cork cooking.

Facilities: 1,800 m2 of covered area
2,000 m2 area of uncovered area

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In order to reduce waste our factory uses only recyclable products. All cork treatment processes comply with the International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices. The water used in cooking is treated in our facilities at a WWTP. The resulting powder and cork remains of grinding wheels and stoppers are sold in pellets for manufacturing companies, clusters, decorative parquet and cork.

Production process

The entire manufacturing process is done in accordance to the Code - International Code of Cork Stopper Manufacturing Practices. Cork suppliers and services providers are also certified. Cork is all bought in the best regions of the country - Alentejo and Algarve.


To be recognized as a market leader in the production of disks and cork stoppers. Working daily to maintain the best quality in our products in order to always meet the needs of our customers.


Our Products

Natural corks

A good wine requires a good stopper, this is ideal for quality wines that need to age in the bottle. With this stopper it is possible to ensure the conservation of wine and improve its quality. Certainly more traditional and ecological, the natural cork is the best solution in the traffic jam. The properties of cork guarantee a perfect seal of your bottles.

rolhas_naturaisDuring the aging period the wine in the bottle, the natural cork stoppers play an important role in the final formation of your wine valuing so your efforts for quality wine. For wine of quality as for table wines, the natural cork is a guarantee of proper preservation and maturation of your wine. In addition to its technical qualities, cork is an element that enhances your wine at the end consumer or professional.

These corks are extracted directly from natural cork being 100%. The most common measures are 49x24mm, 45x24mm and 38x24mm, but it is also possible to manufacture other measures. As for the quality can be classified into: Flower, Extra, Superior, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.


Technical stoppers (1 + 1)

The technical corks are the junction between an agglomerated cork body with a natural cork disk at each end, ensuring that the liquid inside the bottle has only contact with natural cork of high quality.

rolha-tecnicasThe rigorous process of manufacture of these stoppers makes it possible that any change to the taste of the wine after bottling is virtually reduced to zero.

By combining natural and agglomerate cork elements this is a unique type of stopper offering a bottling solution for mid-time stages of bottled wines (2-3 years).

Champagne corks

champanheSpecially created for bottling champagne and sparkling wines, this kind of stoppers are able to withstand the high pressure inside the bottle ensuring that champagne and sparkling wines maintain their freshness longer and gas.

This type of cork consists of a body of agglomerated cork and two natural cork discs at one end.

The agglomerated cork body is designed to have elasticity levels and high sealing capability ensuring that the pressure inside the bottle is kept constant. At the same time, the natural cork discs (rotated in opposite directions to completely seal the cells of the natural cork) ensure that the liquid inside the bottle comes into contact only with natural cork of high quality.



discos2Is used for the manufacture of technical stoppers, the cork discs allow greater satisfaction in the design of Technical stoppers and give assurance on the characteristics required in terms of pressure resistance, twist and chemical stability.

The best known is the technical cork champagne cork that requires specific technical properties to resist the strong pressure exerted. Thus, as to its constitution: very dense agglomerate cork body with natural cork disks glued to the end of the agglomerate body.

The Technical stopper is very stable and offers great mechanical strength. It has an exemplary behavior towards the twist that is subject during bottling. Since this is stoppers made of an agglomerate body, the quality of technical stoppers is quite homogeneous.

The most common measurements are 26mm and 34mm, but it is also possible to manufacture other measures.



cortica1_Cork is a 100% natural, completely renewable, extracted from the bark of the cork oak.

Portugal is the undisputed leader in the cork industry: the production, processing, research and development, and innovation.

However, its application meets sectors as demanding as the space industry, automotive, construction and manufacturing.

The structure and chemical composition of cork give you a set of unique qualities:

- matéria-prima renovável;
- A renewable raw material;
- 100% natural and biodegradable;
- Impermeability to liquids and gases;
- Lightness / buoyancy - its density is around 0.2;
- Resistant to penetration of moisture - so impermeability to liquids and gases;
- Elasticity / compressibility - power to reacquire the primitive form, after having suffered a pressure - the only solid that does not suffer lateral dilatation;
- Excellent thermal, acoustic and vibration;
- Wear resistance - resists scratching due to its high coefficient of friction;
- Does not absorb dust - prevents allergies;
- Resistant to combustion - retardant fire progression.

Cork Stack, already chosen or prepared and classified in variety and quality.


Quality Control

The laboratory monitors all operations accurately and in accordance with international rules. Employees trained with multiple controls to all lots.


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